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Fast, reliable order handling and delivery.
Focus on sales: We'll store and deliver your goods
Affordable 2-day delivery
Work with popular e-commerce platforms
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Seamless fulfillment from your computer, phone, or store to your customer's door.
Send your inventory for storage in one of our fulfillment centers.
Create delivery orders on our platform at the click of a button.
We package, label and deliver items to your customer.
Timely and Cost-Effective
Enjoy the competitive advantage of offering 2-day delivery to your customers without hurting your margins.
We realize the hurdle of delivering orders to your customers in a fast and cost-effective manner. A free and easy sign up on our platform grants your business access to pre-negotiated and cost-effective rates provided by Kenya's top professional courier services.
Order tracking and visibility
Improve your customers' experience by keeping them informed about the progress of the delivery.
Reduce the anxiety, stress and customer dissatisfaction by bringing your customer into the loop during the delivery process.
Make informed stocking decisions
What to stock, when to stock and where? Tracking your customers' purchase patterns is vital to your business.
Guesswork, irregular tracking and spreadsheets are not enough. Use our business analytics reports to make informed stocking decisions that will accelerate your sales.
Order Management
Get orders across your online sales channels consolidated under one account.
Our integrations with leading ecommerce platforms gives you the ability to manage all your orders uniformly to increase both speed and accuracy of fulfillment.
Inventory Management
Achieve a single, global view of your inventory as you sell across multiple ecommerce platforms.
Our tools allow you to view and manage your inventory, track stock quantity, get notifications when you need to replenish and much more.
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